Before You Choose to Enroll In an Employer-Sponsored Medicare Group Plan, There Are a...

Medicare is a federal government program that provides medical insurance to U.S. citizens and long-term reside...

How to Help Your Clients Apply for Medicare

The Medicare system is a public health insurance program created by the federal government which is made avail...


Dave Ramstack

July 14, 2021

How Agents can Help Seniors Choose the Right Benefits Plans

Over 12% of the US population of individuals over 65 are uninsured, and many seniors have difficulty finding t...

Dave Ramstack

July 7, 2021

What is an Insurance Designation, and do I Need any as a new Agent?

Insurance is a dynamic field that is constantly changing and adapting to keep pace with our changing world. Be...

Dave Ramstack

June 24, 2021

How to Make Social Media Work for you as a new Insurance Agent

When we talk about selling insurance, the first thing that comes to mind probably is not social media. While s...

Dave Ramstack

June 17, 2021

What is the Difference Between a Captive and an Independent Insurance Agent?

Seniors are an essential part of the target market for captive and independent insurance agents. Many seniors ...

Dave Ramstack

June 11, 2021


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